Cohesion - We Stand Together For The People Of Ukraine

Recorded by Alejandro Gomez in March 2022 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Compositions, arrangements and instruments by Alejandro Gomez.

Artwork by øjeRum based on the collage “The Forest Sisters”
We have no words for what is happening in Ukraine, but we have words for what is happening with the people in Ukraine and with the millions of people who had to leave Ukraine in the last two weeks: They need help. We can help. You can help.

One week ago we asked some of our artists, if they would like to contribute a track for a benefit compilation. The result is “Cohesion”, a 23 track album, featuring previously unreleased material. The album features newly recorded tracks, occasioned by our request, but also some hidden treasures.

We will donate all the proceeds to aid organisations, who are working to help the Ukrainians.

All proceeds will be donated in equal parts to those aid organisations:
Red Cross, Unicef, caritas and Diakonie (Aktionsbündnis Katastrophenhilfe) and Bündnis Entwicklung Hilft (alliance of german aid organisations)
released March 13, 2022

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