There is nothing in the sky but dark

Recorded live at Jock Horror Nights Vol.II, at Palacio Beltran on the 18th October 2014, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Composition and arrangements by Alejandro Gomez.
Guitars, technical sound development, recording and mixing by Nicolas Wolf
Drums by Sebastian Ferreyra
Machines by Dr. Manuel Platino

Artwork and illustration by Alejandro Gómez

"There is nothing in the sky but dark" is a live album. The first and unique time we played live.
I was invited to be part of the concerts and parties the radio show Jock Horror Nights were runing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also that night they screened Eraserhead.

The approach was to play a 40 min song with one riff.. and let me tell you it was something unbelievably difficult to do. We gathered together with original Sarghuma Incoxis member Nicolas Wolf in guitars, Manual Platino with his noise machines and Sebastian Ferreyra on drums.
We did a few rehearsals and we did it! Actually, it was very very hard to keep the same tempo during almost one hour. Also there was a moment when your hands started to ache so bad because you have to hold one chord and one position for almost one hour. I might say that this is our most standard song we've ever made.

Later I painted the album cover and we uploaded the material to our bandcamp page. The hand doesn't have fingers because who needs their fingers to play this song?

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